Haiku 夏の俳句

For no discernable reason, on a recent trip to Canada, I began writing haiku in my head. Perhaps 5 years in Japan has led to a strange passive absorption of Japanese artistic expression, and I’m now channelling the ghost of Masaoka Shiri. Either that, or I’m a bit weird.

On the rare occasions that I have summoned the physical exertion to write them down or tweet them for posterity, they’re quite pleasing little things which remind me that even the driest of creative husks like me can get the juices flowing from time to time.

Here are a few from June and July:

Lower Beverly Lake

The wind on the lake
Licks the loons and whips the weans
Holding hands tightly


The train smells funky
Sweat and beer and tobacco
Get me outta here


Dear air con unit
I am writing to complain
I’m sweating buckets

Rainy season

Endless rainy days
Don’t forget your umbrella
Puddles and wet socks


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